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Getting to a pool in the past two years has been much harder. Whether you were hoping for a resort-style swim hundreds of miles away, or a spa date a little closer home, the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines have made this difficult. 

Many homeowners have chosen to forego travel and create their dream resort right in their own backyard. The Stevenson Brothers, specialty contractors in custom swimming pools, waterfalls, hot tubs, landscaping, and more, can help make these dreams a reality.

Swimming Pool with slide and waterfalls

We start with pool trends that never go out of style:

  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Superior customer service
  • Signature creations unique to your tastes

Then, we look at the latest trends in swimming pools and design a pool to fit your taste, budget, and space. We invite you to look at the new and exciting trends for outdoor pools this year.

Swimming Pool Trends for 2022

Resort-Style Outdoor Living Space

A custom swimming pool in Utah

The largest trend in the pool industry centers around the concept of an outdoor living space, where the pool blends seamlessly into your outdoor patio, greenspace, and entertaining and dining areas. Due to the limit on travel that we have experienced in the past year, many are creating mini resorts in their backyard — places to entertain, make memories, and relax.

People no longer want simply a house with a pool; they want an outdoor living space with a pool. We can achieve that through a variety of ways, such as:

Designing a pool with these concepts in mind, or enhancing an existing pool to create a more relaxing look, is one of the top trends for the upcoming year.

Small Pools

Many people are choosing small pools for a variety of reasons. Lot sizes in many cities in Utah are getting smaller, and family sizes are also smaller than in the past. Other homeowners prefer a smaller pool to relax in or exercise in. 

Plunge pools are smaller pools that still allow for aerobic exercise. They are generally deeper (around 8-16 feet deep) and around eight feet around, though their size and shape can vary. Cocktail pools are similar to spas and generally more shallow. Both styles are gaining in popularity.

Hot tubs remain popular, providing a place to relax and soak. Hot tubs built into the ground and landscaped with plants, rocks, lighting, or other features are increasing in popularity as people look for innovative ways to include a hot tub in their backyard resort. Hot tubs can also be included with larger pool construction and water features.

Custom hot tub with shrubs surrounding it - Custom-built in ground hot tub in Salt Lake City Utah backyard

Lush Pool Landscaping and Plants

Pools need more than just water to achieve the resort style and feel. Plants play a big part in enlivening a swimming space. Whether grass, flowers, succulents, or something else, your poolside look is elevated with local plants and vegetation. 

Backyard landscaping doesn’t just improve your yard’s aesthetics; it increases your home’s value. Many homeowners incorporate the following landscaping elements in their pool designs:

  • Pavers
  • Rocks
  • Waterfalls
  • Water features
  • Hedges
  • Plants
  • Grass
Custom rock pool waterfall in Utah backyard | Waterfall builders construction design | Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools

Baja Shelves and LED Lighting: Entertainment for All Ages and All Hours

Baja shelves have typically been popular at resorts and are growing in popularity for private pools. A Baja shelf is a wide step or area of a pool that typically serves as an entry point. It is submerged underwater (anywhere from 8-16 inches) and provides a shallow end for kids, lounge chairs, and relaxation. Baja shelves are also known as tanning ledges, sun shelves, or shallow reef steps.

Geometric swimming pool with baja shelf & waterfall in Utah | Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools | SBI Waterfalls

Pool lighting has improved in leaps and bounds, and LED pool lighting is increasingly popular in outdoor pools. It creates a fantastic ambiance for outdoor gatherings that can continue well into the night. Colors, voltage, and wattage can all be customized for the right mood and look. Accent lights around the pool can complete the look, highlighting focal points in your outdoor oasis.

Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

If you want to make your backyard dreams a reality, request a free quote or contact us with any questions. 

Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools is a licensed and insured family-owned business that has served clients in Utah for almost thirty years. Our experts will listen to your vision and ideas and give experienced advice for improving the look and feel of your project within your set budget. We’re here to make your backyard dreams a reality using quality materials, state-of-the-art technology, and in-house specialists.