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Utah Custom Hot Tubs & In-Ground Spas

Custom Built Hot Tubs & Spas

Looking for a custom hot tub builder near you? Contact Stevenson Brothers Utah hot tub & spa contractors to design, build and install your next custom hot tub or in-ground spa near Salt Lake City. Discover the benefits of a nurturing and therapeutic soak in a private custom-built hot tub or spa. Contact us for a free quote today!

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Custom swimming pool with natural rock waterfall design, slide, hot tub, and custom pool deck patio in Salt Lake City, Utah backyard - Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools - SBI Waterfalls

Custom-Built Hot Tubs in Salt Lake City

Giving your home the added luxury of a custom hot tub is exactly what the doctor prescribed. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans understood how important hydrotherapy could be to your overall health. Nothing would make it easier to enjoy its restorative and therapeutic benefits than a private hot tub at your Utah home. Whether you decide on an in-ground hot tub design that blends seamlessly into your landscape or an above-ground spa, Stevenson Brothers Construction is the perfect hot tub company to meet your needs.

We understand what works in custom hot tub design. Our hot tubs are some of the most substantial ones on the market, made from durable materials that will last for years. Our specialists will also work with you to create a design that fits your chosen backdrop and includes any feature you can imagine. We believe that your hot tub should be more than an everyday spa. That is why we walk you through a unique customization process so that your new spa fits your needs.

Custom Hot Tub Design

Our custom design options allow you to have a spa or hot tub that blends seamlessly with your backyard’s landscape design and is even illuminated by strategic landscape lighting for an after-dark oasis. Many Utah homeowners choose a custom option over pre-fab because they offer endless choices, including size, design, shape, and more. Below are some features our hot tub builders can personalize to meet your goals and budget.

In ground hot tub configuration with rock waterfall feature and custom swimming pool in Salt Lake City Utah backyard


Hot tubs can be placed or configured in several ways to best suit your backyard space. No matter which configuration you choose, our team makes your outdoor spa more beautiful with customized landscaping or rock features.

Pool with built-in hot tub

Building a custom pool and hot tub at the same time can be a great way to transform your backyard pool into a true resort-style retreat. With this setup, it’s easy to take a dip in the pool before settling in the hot tub to unwind. For backyard pool and hot tub ideas, you can browse our portfolio of work below from Utah homeowners like you.

Custom in-ground hot tub

Hot tubs built into the ground can keep a smaller yard from looking overcrowded and are a unique upgrade that gives your hot tub a bespoke, high-end look. In-ground hot tubs are often placed in an outdoor, custom patio for easy access.

In-ground hot tub with waterfall

A moving water feature like a custom waterfall is a great way to elevate custom in-ground hot tub designs. With a waterfall’s calming sound and visual interest, your escape will feel that much more special.

Above-ground hot tub

An above-ground spa or hot tub is familiar to most and is the easiest to install and start enjoying sooner. Our team can introduce custom rock features and other unique landscaping ideas to help your hot tub blend in with your backyard’s surroundings.

Custom hot tub with contemporary modern design - Custom-built in ground spa in Salt Lake City Utah backyard

Concrete hot tub designs:

Concrete is an excellent material for your design, as it can be molded, shaped, and finished in nearly endless styles and designs. Our team often uses concrete to achieve a natural rock-like appearance that fits your hot tub shape and size perfectly.

Brick hot tub designs:

Brick is another favorite material that stands up to wear and tear as well as water. Brick can be used as an accent material to elevate the look of your built-in spa; it can also be effective for matching the look and feel of your home or patio.

Custom stone hot tub designs:

Natural stone is beautiful and highly durable. Local Utah sandstone is a top choice for decorative stone to achieve a unique hot tub look.

Tiled hot tub designs:

Tile is a popular choice for hot tubs and pools. Its smooth, even surface and endless colors and shapes make it a fun and creative material.

Utah family enjoys custom swimming pool & hot tub spa with natural rock work design

Hot Tub Components

As part of your custom outdoor spa design, Stevenson Brothers installs the necessary components to operate your new outdoor escape. This includes the shell, pumps, jets, filters, blowers, and more. Custom hot tubs do require plumbing hook-up and will need to pull power from an electrical source. Luckily, close proximity to your home means these utilities often don’t pose many difficulties. Our team will take care of everything — from electrical and plumbing design to installation — so when we’re done, you’ll be able to flip a switch and enjoy.

Hot Tub Sizes

When going with a custom approach to your built-in spa, you can choose how large or small you’d like it to be. Think about how you plan to enjoy your custom spa: will you entertain groups of family or friends? Or do you want it to be a retreat for you and your partner? From large to cozy hot tubs, we provide professional suggestions for the length, width, and overall size that will meet your vision.

Custom Hot Tub Covers

The final piece of every hot tub design is the cover. This feature will protect your hot tub from the elements and keep its water safely out of reach of pets and children. Custom designs usually require a custom cover. We create ours using ultra-durable polyester, canvas, or vinyl that is both heat and water-resistant, so it will last for years. We also offer the option of electrically powered retractable covers for customers looking to add a little extra convenience to their backyard.

Our Work

What We’ve Done

Custom Hot Tubs & Spas

Our Design Process

Create a custom hot tub design that fits your home’s look and feel without sacrificing any of the fun. Design a spa that you will love for years to come using our unique design process. Schedule a consultation to discuss your project today! Our team will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your indoor pool installation is on-time and on-budget.

Our Process
1. Initial Consultation

You’ll sit down with our experts as we listen to your vision and ideas. We’ll do a site analysis to see what’s feasible.

2. 3D Design

Next, we’ll use state-of-the-art 3D technology to render your design and build out the project plan.

3. Building

Once you approve the final design and give us the go-ahead, we’ll develop your project using the highest quality materials and latest technology.

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