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The price of a custom swimming pool built in Utah ranges between $50,000 to $250,000, with some projects even reaching the million-dollar mark. Unlike prefabricated swimming pools, custom pool designs include several variables that modify the price, including size, materials, equipment, features, and more.

There are other costs that custom swimming pool owners must consider besides the upfront price tag of the inground pool construction, such as electricity, energy, maintenance, and pool chemicals. While the average cost to build a custom swimming pool in Utah may seem high, the long-term benefits make it well worth its price tag.

Custom pools can be a great investment for Utah homeowners. Real estate experts estimate that an inground swimming pool potentially adds 5 to 20 percent to the real estate value of your home.

Along with boosting your home’s value, a custom pool design is outfitted to enhance your backyard space. Your Utah pool builder can build features like rocks, fountains, and grottos into your pool’s design that seamlessly integrate into the surrounding landscape. These swimming pools also offer higher durability than fiberglass pools.

But before you search for a Utah pool builder, let’s discuss custom pool design cost factors more in-depth.

What Goes into Custom Pool Design Costs: Shape, Features, Timeline, & More

Determining the Size and Shape

The best thing about building a custom swimming pool is that your imagination is your only limiting factor. You can design the pool in any size or shape. Styles of custom pools are endless. Get creative! You can work with your Utah pool builder to design any pool shape, whether square, round, oval, kidney-shaped, or an entirely unique shape that conforms to your landscape. Some of the most common examples include:

  • Free-form pools with curved edges that mimic the organic shape of natural bodies of water
  • Rectangular pools are a classic style that works well for lap swimmers and traditional home styles
  • Geometric pools that feature 90-degree angles and symmetrical curves, making them a great option for homeowners that prefer a modern design

Custom Features

When designing your new custom pool, there are things to consider other than the size and shape, including color, materials, and depth. Additional features will take your design to the next level. Adding one or more of the following elements to your custom pool design will make it a unique outdoor oasis:

  • Custom waterfalls
  • Swimming pool slides
  • Tanning ledges
  • Diving boards
  • Underwater benches
  • Shallow beach-style entries
  • Recreation areas
  • Swim-up bar

Circulation System

Another factor to consider when designing a custom pool that can affect the final cost of your pool is the circulation system. A circulation system keeps your pool fresh and clean. Your pool water will drain through a skimmer, pass through the filter, and be treated by the heater and sanitation system.

Besides the upfront cost of buying a pump, filter, heater, and sanitation system, you must also consider the long-term costs associated with your chosen system. You can choose sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth for pool filters. Discuss which circulation system will work best with your custom pool design and your climate with your Utah pool builder.

Custom Hot Tub

No custom swimming pool is complete without a hot tub. Whether you include a hot tub in your initial custom pool design or install one later on, installing a spa in your custom pool design will allow you to take advantage of a spa’s many relaxing health benefits.. Work with your Utah pool experts to see how to incorporate a hot tub into your custom pool design.

Outdoor Living Landscaping

The aesthetic of a custom swimming pool is enhanced by a beautiful landscape that matches both your home’s design and your lifestyle needs. Do you need concrete decking with a custom pergola or palms shading you from the afternoon heat? Perhaps a low-grade retaining wall that acts as a bench around your pool deck? Maybe even an outdoor kitchen for entertaining? With custom landscaping, you can enhance the overall look of your backyard.

Construction Timeline

Since Utah pool builders are in high demand during the summer, Utah pool installation and construction prices go up. One way to save on the price of your pool is to build your swimming pool during the off-months, such as winter and early spring when weather permits. You might get a better quote from your builder, and, as a bonus, your custom pool will be ready by the time summer starts.

Utah Pool Builder, Stevenson Brothers, Inc.

Turn your backyard into your favorite vacation spot with the help of Stevenson Brothers. As Utah’s premier indoor and outdoor swimming pool designer, we have over 30 years of experience transforming outdoor spaces. Our designs are perfectly customized, using your vision as our groundwork. Our team of experts strives to make the entire swimming pool installation a breeze.

Let us guide you through the custom pool design process from design conception to final inspection. Work with our Utah pool builder to design a custom pool and outdoor space that breathes life into your backyard. Request a quote today!