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Ah, that new pool feeling. There’s no better way to kick off the summer than breaking in your new in-ground pool! While you probably don’t need help figuring out those late-night swims and weekend pool parties, you may need more guidance regarding chlorine pool maintenance. 

Before you know what you need for a pool, a trip to your local pool supply shop may be confusing or daunting. We’ll help you understand what to buy and how to use it with this definitive pool supply checklist.  

Become an expert pool owner in no time. Learn what pool supplies and tools our Utah pool builder recommends.

Home owner cleans custom pool in Salt Lake City Utah backyard

Pool Cleaning Supplies You Need

The best pool care products keep your chlorine pool safe, clean, and algae-free, even when your pool is used the most in the hot summer months. While plenty of cleaning accessories and add-ons make cleaning more convenient, here are the basic pool cleaning supplies you’ll need to have on hand.

Test kits

Testing your pool several times a week in warmer months ensures swimmers’ water is safe and healthy. Test kits are often more reliable than testing strips, but either can be used to test your water’s pH and chlorine levels. Each testing kit is different, so experiment with a few options to find what you like best. No matter how you test, remember that the optimum pool pH level is around 7.5.

pool owner testing level with a pool testing kit.

Chemical balancing agents, like chlorine tablets or non-chlorinated chemicals

For chlorinated pools, chlorine tablets are the go-to choice for adding chlorine to your water when levels are low. ​​Ideally, chlorine should be between 1 and 3 ppm. If your test shows chlorine levels are below 1 ppm, it’s time to add some more.

Chlorine tablets for a pool stacked on pool deck.

Stain remover

Pool stain cleaner safely removes scaling or unsightly water lines from the sides of your pool. Increase the effectiveness of the cleaner by spot-treating stains and giving them a good scrub with your pool brush.

Chemical shock

A “super” chlorine treatment, a chemical shock is best used once a week in the summer. It will keep algae at bay, disinfect bacteria in the water, and restore your water to be bright and sparkling clear.

Essential Pool Tools

In addition to pool cleaning supplies, there are a few necessary pool tools that are designed to clean every area of a pool — from the water’s surface and walls to the bottom floor. Here are the essentials you’ll need to get started:

Pool vacuum cleaner

When filled with water, pool floors can be difficult to clean. Inevitably, though, debris will sink to the bottom after hours of summer fun. Pool vacuum cleaners suck up solid particles from the bottom of the pool and come in several different designs and types. For example, you can choose from a robotic pool cleaner (which tackles both the floor and walls), a suction vacuum cleaner, a pressure cleaner, or a handheld option.

A pool vacuum at the bottom of a pool cleaning.

Telescoping pool skimmer or rake

Featuring slightly different designs, these two tool options accomplish the same goal: clearing leaves, bugs, and other debris off the surface of the water. After a storm, windy day, or busy swimming weekend, more debris will accumulate. Use your skimmer or rake at least once a week, or whenever needed.

pool rake cleaning our debris.

Floating chlorinator

This small floating device makes dispensing chlorine in your pool easy and safe. Floating chlorinators slowly dissolve chlorine tablets or granules and are easy to remove once the chlorination process is complete.

A floating pool chlorinator cleans water

Pool brush

A simple extendable scrub brush can be highly effective at reaching those scaly, stained spots of your pool walls and floor. Use it once a week, along with your pool stain remover, to keep your pool squeaky clean.

Skimmer basket

Pool skimmer baskets are part of your in-ground pool system that creates an overflow area for surface water. When your filter is on, water is diverted with a suction pipe to the filter to continuously clean and move the pool’s water. Skimmer baskets collect large debris that is filtered out during this process. These skimmers are normally covered by lids, and your pool (depending on the size) may have up to five skimmer areas. Designed with a built-in handle, skimmer baskets are easy to pull up out of the filtration area to dump out the accumulated trappings and put back in place.

Stevenson Brothers is Your Knowledgeable Utah Pool Builder

As a new pool owner, never second guess reaching out for help. A word of caution: adding chemicals to your pool before you know the right levels can seriously alter the water’s chemical balance, making it dangerous to swimmers. If you’re unsure of the chlorination process, aren’t sure how or when to use a certain tool, or just need some general pool advice, please reach out! As Utah pool builders, we’re experts in pool maintenance, too. 

Contact us to speak to a team member or learn about other backyard upgrades like our natural-looking pool waterfalls or hot tubs.