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Maybe you wanted to put a swimming pool in your Utah backyard for a long time or just began researching pool designs. No matter which type of pool you love, you will quickly realize the best bang for your buck is a custom swimming pool.

Designing a custom swimming pool is an experience unlike any other. Custom swimming pools improve the look of your backyard and raise the value of your property while providing years of fun for your family and friends.

SBI Geometric Pool Design and Construction Utah

These pools will add much fun and value to your life, whether you plan to host family pool parties or swim thousands of laps. Your pool doesn’t have to follow specific design rules, either.

Thanks to a one-on-one customization process, you can transform any design into a uniquely stunning masterpiece, not to mention the design’s attached landscaping and features that can provide a relaxing or upbeat atmosphere.

Whichever type of custom swimming pool design you prefer, you can make your outdoor space somewhere you never want to leave.

If you are considering installing a custom pool, now is the time to start thinking about your design. It takes a fair amount of time to complete a custom pool installation, depending on your chosen features.

Here are some of our favorite custom swimming pool designs to add to your Pinterest board to get you started.

Cody Pools

Cody swimming pools are freeform pool designs uniquely suited to your lifestyle and style preferences. A few other styles Cody Pools often employ include geometric, negative, and vanishing edge pools.

Natural stone, pool plaster colors, water features, and other features and amenities make Cody Pools the stylistic pool design that every homeowner craves.

SBI Outdoor Pool Installation

Along with designing a luxury swimming pool experience, the Stevenson Brothers team will create a Cody Pool design based on your space to achieve a natural appearance that is second to none.

These designs truly offer you the freedom to build the pool of your dreams.

Working with the pool contractors at Stevenson Brothers, we will combine all your favorite Cody swimming pool elements to transform your backyard into a private at-home retreat.

Geometric Pools

Geometric pools have straight edges and sharp lines and take on certain shapes, such as rectangles, diamonds, or squares. Homeowners that prefer geometric pools typically want to create a formal space or contemporary atmosphere.

Geometric pools usually include designs in a rectangular shape. However, if you prefer the modern design style and a historic appeal, pools in a triangle shape could offer a unique balance you will enjoy.

Besides adding a uniquely modern style, geometric pools also work well for competitive swimmers and those who plan to use their pool for exercise.

This custom pool style is typically more affordable, as it is easier to build than freeform or infinity pools.

Infinity Pools

An infinity pool is also known as a zero-edge pool, an infinity-edge pool, or a vanishing-edge pool. These pool designs are one-of-a-kind, providing a unique visual experience.

The design allows the swimming pool water to flow over one or more edges, creating the illusion of water without limit.

Designers will create a design that blends into a nearby body of water or the sky.

Plus, the design cuts off the water current, thanks to the invisible edge design. This free-flowing water current makes this pool style as relaxing as possible.

Perhaps that is why resorts, estates, and other luxury locations prefer infinity pools over other inground pool designs.

Inground Pools

Inground pools are permanent installations that sit in the ground rather than above it.

All the swimming pool designs listed above are inground pools. These inground pool designs help increase the value of your property, especially if you live in a warm environment for most of the year.

This style also improves your landscaping by adding a water feature that enhances relaxation, whether inside the home or on the patio or deck.

Along with designing a custom swimming pool that goes in the ground, you can decide its shape, the materials for the liner or walls, the decking or paving materials to surround it, and the features like waterfalls, slides, and diving boards.

Swimming Pools with Fountains and Waterfalls

Fountains and waterfalls provide ambient sound and an elevated decorative element to your pool.

Pool fountains add height, texture, and the soothing sound of splashing water to any custom swimming pool design.

Usually, designers will place fountains in hot tubs and other low-depth spaces. However, Stevenson Brothers can install these features inside or outside your pool or spa.

SBI Pool Waterfalls-Pool Builders

Depending on the type of pool design you like, fountains can be little streams or massive, flowing elements like those you find in ponds.

You can also include other breathtaking water features like waterfalls. Swimming pools with waterfalls provide a soothing, calming sound and visual appeal unlike any other.

Plus, pool waterfalls can be the perfect element to connect with other spaces in your pool, such as a hot tub or slide.

Design Your Custom Swimming Pools at SBI

With the help of the custom swimming pool contractor at Steven Brothers, you can transform your backyard into your favorite vacation resort. Our team has over 30 years of experience creating some of Utah’s best indoor and outdoor custom swimming pools and landscapes.

With your vision as the foundation of our designs, we can create a backyard that exceeds your expectations, whether you are interested in a Cody pool, inground pool, infinity pool, or waterfall feature.

No matter what design you want, our team of professionals will work hard to make the customization process as easy as possible.

Let us build the outdoor space of your dreams. Work with our Utah pool builder to create a unique pool and backyard environment to bring your outdoor space to life.

Get a free custom swimming pool quote today!