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Utah Pool & Waterfall Installation and Landscape Design

Envision your backyard as the family oasis: What is a must-have feature you haven’t thought of yet?

If you’re ready for a backyard makeover, you’re not alone. More than 70 percent of Americans agree that their backyard needs improvement. They’re solving the problem with luxury add-ons, including outdoor kitchens, elaborate patios, and swimming pools.

Since you want a custom pool for your Utah home, why not expand the project and build an inground pool waterfall as well?

You’ll be shocked by the benefits of owning a pool with a swimming pool waterfall. Don’t believe us yet? Read on to learn more.

Add Value to Your Home

Surprise! Run-of-the-mill swimming pools in Utah won’t increase your home’s value.

Neither realtors nor prospective buyers are impressed by a generic pool during home buying.

However, if your Utah waterfall contractor customizes your pool with a waterfall that matches your landscaping design, your property will attract buyers of a higher caliber.

Americans are ready to shell out top dollar to own unique and outstanding pools. A swimming pool rock waterfall might be the main attraction when you sell your home.

Increase the Popularity of Your Home Rental

You might not want to sell your home anytime soon, but are you interested in renting it out? Many Utahns turn to a booking service like Airbnb to make extra income from travelers looking to visit the Beehive State in winter or summer.

A backyard with a custom swimming pool waterfall is a feature most guests dream about when they book a rental. Whether they book your home for a weekend or a month, your pool likely prompts those guests to pay you twice the price of another home in your neighborhood.

When you decide on a custom waterfall, raise your rates to match the increased value of your backyard oasis. For guests looking for a cool escape during a Utah summer, a scenic pool will be their first choice when booking.

Maximize Your Asset

When your custom pool is built and ready, show it off. Take quality pictures that emphasize the beauty of the swimming pool rock waterfall.

Take care to photograph all the unique aspects you love so much. With the right kind of advertising, your prospective guests will count your pool and waterfall as a luxury amenity, which increases your ratings on the rental app.

Gain a Creative License Over Your Custom Pool

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t want to play architect once in a while?

When you work with a pool contractor to design a swimming pool waterfall, you have full creative license on its aesthetic and function.

Throughout the intuitive pool design and construction process, you’re in charge.

Do you want a wide waterfall that arches and splashes into the pool?

Would you prefer a tall but narrow fall that rains onto you as you lounge in your aquatic sanctuary?

No matter your vision, it can come to life with the help of a talented Utah waterfall contractor. You’re involved every step of the way as your dream water feature becomes a reality.

Introduce Relaxation

After being cooped up indoors due to quarantine last year, Americans crave fresh air. The average homeowner spends 14 hours a week outside enjoying their yard. In fact, 73 percent of homeowners say that spending time in their yards is therapeutic.

Home Waterfall Pool Builders

Let’s look at how an inground pool waterfall can help you relax.

Find Peace

Who needs an app full of relaxing sounds when your own waterfall is within earshot?

The constant stream of water can calm people of all ages. Research shows it lulls you to sleep by triggering a sense of safety in your brain.

You don’t even have to be outside to benefit from your waterfall. Just hearing its calming noise through your window can work wonders for long-term mental health.

Trick Your Eyes

Did you know that watching a waterfall results in a hidden illusion?

Look at your fall long enough, and you’ll experience the waterfall effect. In other words, your brain’s neurons will trick you into seeing the object next to a waterfall move upward as the water flows down.

Relax and entertain yourself with this visual trick for hours in the comfort of your own yard. Let it be the ideal focal point for your outdoor meditation.

Encourage Fun with the Family

When was the last time all your loved ones spent an entire day having fun together?

Even as homeowners pay more attention to their backyards, Americans prefer to stay inside. The average person spends 93 percent of their time indoors.

With one glamorous add-on, you can help your friends and family enjoy the fresh air. Install a custom swimming pool waterfall, and use your property to make new memories all summer.

Filter Your Pool

Waterfalls aren’t just for fun. They can also improve the health and quality of the water in your pool.

Reduce Algae

As a pool owner, you’ll dread your water turning green. Sometimes, no matter how often you clean your pool, algae will take root.

Adding a waterfall to your custom-built pool can help you prevent algae growth. The pressure from the fall will filter water through its path and back into the pool, promoting great water circulation.

Of course, you still need to use proper filtration pumps and chemicals to keep your water clean. An inground pool waterfall isn’t a substitute for routine pool maintenance but can reduce how often the maintenance is done.

The Pool of Your Dreams

Are you ready to transform your backyard?

Now that you know how much a custom pool with a waterfall will enhance your property, turn to Stevenson Brothers in Salt Lake City, Utah, to get it done.

Spruce up your Utah home with a picturesque backyard complete with a swimming pool waterfall from Utah’s leading waterfall installation company. Contact us today to get the process started. Together, we’ll create a water feature you’ll love for years to come.