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3D Design

Visualize Your Landscape Design

Blueprint drawings can be very difficult to visualize when it is in 2D. Stevenson Brothers Construction changes all of that with our 3D design capabilities. Working with our in-house professional designers, you can walk through your new backyard before construction even begins. Learn more about our 3D design services by contacting Stevenson Brothers Construction today.

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landscape ideas built with 3d design

In-Ground Pools & Landscape Services

Imagine the Possibilities

Take a step into your backyard and visualize what it could become. Can you see a large outdoor swimming pool, waterfall, or other backyard design? Whatever you imagine, you can bring that vision to life with the Utah landscape design professionals at Stevenson Brothers Construction. Our 3D design services will give you a first-hand look into what your Outdoor Paradise can become, whether it is transforming a blank slate into an outdoor oasis or updating your backyard with the latest technology.

Along with backyard swimming pools, Stevenson Brothers Construction also offers 3D designs that involve landscaping, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and more. Together, we can create the custom pool and landscape design of your dreams. Find everything you need to visualize your new outdoor space with the 3D design services at Stevenson Brothers Construction. Contact us to get started.

3D Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 3D design?

3D design involves using simulated software to create a three-dimensional visual. Unlike 3D modeling that involves real-life everything from simple forms to highly complex polygon models, 3D design allows you to walk through your outdoor space visually. Many industries use 3D design, including construction, architecture, and landscaping.

Stevenson Brothers Construction’s 3D design technology allows our designers to input configurations into a computer simulation so that our clients have an in-depth visual of their proposed landscape. The design is also fit to scale so that clients can better understand how everything will fit into their real-life space.

What are the benefits of 3D landscape design?

Landscape designers typically give clients 2D designs of their commercial or residential landscapes, showing their proposed design’s blueprint. These plans will include various structures, plants, and hardscapes. The traditional 2D designs make it difficult to grasp what the actual design will look like once installed. For example, when looking at a 2D design, it is challenging to do elevations and the scales of various plants or objects.

3D design changes all of that by giving clients an in-depth visual of the landscape. Customers can see exactly what their backyard or outdoor space will look like before agreeing on the design installation. You can walk through the 3D landscape design, with all of the buildings and terrain matching your existing property, for a complete visual of your space. Your designer will also include plant and hardscape materials. You can even alter the sun and shade conditions to match individual properties. These capabilities make 3D design the perfect solution for any landscape design.

How does 3D landscape design work?

SBI’s 3D landscape design services include starting the process with an initial design consultation. Once our designers understand what you want in your new backyard landscape, they will create a custom design after you approve the proposal. Our team will also spend time measuring your property for exact specifications. After we have all the necessary information, we will fine-tune our renderings.

Once finished, we will meet for a walkthrough of the landscape using our 3D design technology. The 3D visual will include all of the elements you wanted, like an outdoor pool, waterfall, masonry, plants, kitchen, fire pit, fence, concrete patio, and more. You can then make any necessary edits working closely with our designers until the final product is exactly what you envisioned.

What are the seven principles of landscape design?

When designing a custom landscape, you should focus on the seven principles of design. These include simplicity, variety, balance, emphasis, sequence, scale, and unity. Finding the right mixture of these principles will ensure that your new landscape is impactful and long-lasting. SBI’s experienced landscape designers implement the traditional principles into all of our projects to find a cohesive, unified, and beautiful design. You will also have input into whether the design achieves these principles’ right balance as you walk through your proposed renderings using our 3D design services. Learn more about our 3D design renderings by contacting our team.

What should be included in a landscape design proposal?

You need several items in a landscape design proposal, including customer referrals, licensing, insurance certificates, contract details, and a landscape bid. Another important feature in the proposal should be a visual representation of the project. Stevenson Brothers, Inc. offers 3D design services so that you have a detailed visual representation of your landscape at the beginning of the project. This 3D design will give you all you need to understand whether SBI is the right landscaping contractor for your job. Whether it’s landscaping, rock features, water features, or swimming pools, here at Stevenson Brothers, Inc., we ensure everything is installed on time and budget. Request a bid by contacting SBI today.

Custom Backyard Pools & Waterfalls

Our Design Process

Create a pool that fits your home’s look and feel without sacrificing any of the fun. Design a swimming pool that you will love for years to come using our unique design process. Schedule a consultation with Utah’s pool company to discuss your project today! Our team will collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your pool installation is on-time and on-budget.

Our Process
1. Initial Consultation

You’ll sit down with our experts as we listen to your vision and ideas. We’ll do a site analysis to see what’s feasible.

2. 3D Design

Next, we’ll use state-of-the-art 3D technology to render your design and build out the project plan.

2. Building

Once you approve the final design and give us the go-ahead, we’ll develop your project using the highest quality materials and latest technology.

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