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Utah Custom Pool Slides

Increase Safe & Endless Fun This Summer

A custom pool slide is an exciting and cost-effective way to take your inground pool to the next level. Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools is one of the leading designers and builders of high-quality, custom pool slides in Utah. Enhancing swimming experiences for Utah homeowners and commercial businesses with custom water slides and pool slides. Are you ready to increase safe and endless fun this summer? Contact us for a free quote today!

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Benefits of Custom Pool Slides

Fun and Entertainment for All Ages

Kids love going down slides and never tire of a pool with a water slide. With customization options to match your pool design and theme, you will also love the look and entertainment for adults! A custom pool with a waterslide also increases your property value and curb appeal if it is time to sell.

Types of Custom Pool Slides

Get Exactly What You Want

The best thing about customized water slides is you truly get to design what you want. Working with our expert in-house team, Stevenson Brothers will listen to your input and do our best to create the inground pool slide you want. Our experienced designers can show you options and will make suggestions based on safety, functionality, performance, and looks. Below are some custom pool slide ideas to consider.

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Rock Slides for Pools

Artificial rock slides for pools are a great way to incorporate a slide into a natural-looking swimming pool with a waterfall. It is also long-lasting, heavy-duty, and secure. Pool rock slides are designed and created in-house with our professional rock work and construction team.

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Custom Pool Slide Styles

Stevenson Brother’s talented team can design and build an extensive range of sizes and styles for our custom pool slides, including Straight Slides, Curved Slides, Twist Slides, and Multi-Level Water Slides.

Our experts will make recommendations for custom slide size, materials, and placement depending on the length and height of the slide and the size of your pool. Small pool slides are available for smaller pools, and large inground pool water slides are options for larger, deeper pools. You can also have enclosed slides depending on the size and look you want. We can design tunneled, covered, and tube slides for pools.

Custom Pool Slide Design Considerations

When designing a custom slide for your swimming pool, there are a lot of details to consider. When you work with Stevenson Brothers, you have a swimming pool and design experts available right from the start to understand your vision, expectations, and budget and ask the questions you may have yet to think of. Our 3D design process will cover slide material options, size and height considerations, integration with pool features, color and finish options, and customization possibilities.

We can answer questions about which material works best for your slide, like fiberglass, plastic, metal, or rock. We also discuss how waterfalls, rock formations, deck, and landscaping features will integrate with your water slide and home pool. Lastly, we discuss color and finish options.

Your slide can blend seamlessly into your outdoor living space with neutral colors while providing all the adventure and fun for kids and adults. There are endless customization possibilities regarding the shape of your backyard pool with slides or the theme of your backyard. If your custom swimming pool slides are for commercial use, we can also design logos, names, and more into your slide design.

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Custom Pool Slide Safety Features and Considerations

Protect Others While Having Fun

DIY home water slides can be dangerous and cause injury when incorrectly done. Stevenson Brothers work closely with you to ensure your water slide is safe for your home. Our professionals install non-slip surfaces and handrails and look at water flow control and the landing pool. We also discuss safety guidelines with you, including supervision and age restrictions for your custom slide to ensure safe use. SBI designers and builders are compliant with all city and building regulation codes surrounding slides for pools.

Custom Pool Slide Installation Process

Our Step-by-Step Guide

Unique pool slides take time and effort to be done well. At Stevenson Brothers, we begin your custom-built pool slide design with an initial consultation, including a site assessment and collaboration with our in-house pool builders and designers to bring your vision to life and ensure it is feasible and within your budget. Next, we create a 3D design that brings the layout and details to life. Once your water slide for your pool is fully designed and approved by you, our professional construction and installation team will begin. We provide a construction timeline and honor deadlines because we don’t have to wait on subcontractors and third parties. When the project is complete, we leave you with maintenance and care instructions to prolong the life and fun of your backyard oasis.

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Custom Pool Slide Pricing and Budget Considerations

We Build Custom Slides for Everyone

Customized slide options vary greatly, and many different factors will influence the cost, such as slide type, size, style, site preparation, plumbing, and additional custom features.

You can get a custom slide for your pool within budget if you are clear about the budget upfront and willing to negotiate other factors if necessary. Installing backyard pool slides are more cost-effective when they are installed at the same time as the pool. However, though difficult and potentially costly, it is possible to add a slide for an inground pool after the latter has been built and installed.

Our Work

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Trust Stevenson Brothers for Your Custom Pool Slide

Custom pools with a slide can be one of the best investments you make for backyard fun. You create a vacation every time you step out your door and hours of fun in the spring, summer, and fall months. Custom slides for inground pools are fun for all ages without sacrificing the safety or aesthetics of your backyard. Contact Stevenson Brothers, Utah’s premier custom pool builder, for your free consultation and quote.