It’s critical to hire a reputable custom swimming pool builder, especially when so much money is on the line. To help you find and hire a reliable Utah pool builder, we’ve put together this short guide on what to ask your swimming pool contractor and what to look out for. 

Questions To Ask Your Pool Builder

Before you sign a contract with a Utah swimming pool contractor, assess the swimming pool builder’s reputation and determine whether they are a good fit for you. 

Here’s a list of the questions you should ask your swimming pool builder:

How Many Pools Do You Install Yearly?

Did you know that nearly half of all swimming pool contractors go out of business in under five years? Often, they leave pools unfinished and don’t finish contracts. You don’t want to be one of those unfortunate unfinished jobs. Find a swimming pool builder that has years of experience and can prove their stability. Asking how many pools they install yearly will give you an idea of their experience and whether they are referred often by happy customers. But another important part of this question is to ask how many swimming pools they install that are the same type as the swimming pool you want. Some swimming pool contractors specialize in fiberglass pools while others may specialize in concrete or granite pools. You want to ensure that your contractor isn’t doing a one-off job on your pool construction by installing a pool they aren’t really familiar with. This question leads into the next question.

 Can I See At Least Three References?

Call at least three previous clients and ask a series of questions. Your swimming pool contractor should be able to provide a large list of satisfied customers. If you have a swimming pool contractor who states that they have “hundreds of happy customers,” but who can’t give you three references from satisfied customers, you probably don’t want to hire them. Either they are exaggerating their experience or they do shoddy work. 

Questions to Ask Their References

When you call your swimming pool contractor’s references, be prepared to ask a series of questions. Here are the top questions you can ask to get an idea of communication, skill, and professionalism:

  • Would you hire this swimming pool contractor again? Why or why not?
  • What type of pool did you have installed? When? Have you encountered any issues since installation?
  • If you had problems during the installation or afterwards, how did your swimming pool contractor handle them?
  • Were you able to contact your pool installation builder and did you receive regular updates on the project’s progress?
  • Was your swimming pool built on schedule and within budget? If there were change orders, how did your swimming pool contractor handle it?

What Insurance Do You Carry?

Your swimming pool contractor will be working on your premises which could open you up to liability if one of their workers were injured on the job. That’s why it’s essential to know that your swimming pool builder is insured and carries coverage that protects you and your property from any damage. Ask for a copy of the general liability and workers compensation insurance policy and keep it on file after your project just in case you need to file a claim or are named in a claim.

How Do You Manage Change Orders Or Resolve Disputes?

Ask whether your swimming pool builder will provide a comprehensive written scope of work at the start of the swimming pool build. If there are changes, whether required to unforeseen circumstances or due to you changing your mind mid-build. In best case scenarios, the scope of work covers all contingencies. Look for a pool contractor who will give you immediate updates before proceeding with any changes in the scope of work and give you progress updates. When the final bill arrives, you should have no surprises.

Meet Your Potential Utah Pool Builder

After doing your due diligence, meet with your prospective Utah pool builder. What is your general sense of their professionalism and skill set? Do you feel comfortable with your pool contractor and do they seem open to answering your questions? Are they defensive or do they avoid certain subjects? 

Review The Proposal Bid

Your pool builder should analyze your landscape and provide you with a proposal bid. Check to see if the bid includes electrical, plumbing, landscaping, concrete, decking, and yard drainage estimates if needed. Finally, ask what type of products will be used in your pool. Look for warranties and ask if the builder honors those warranties. Look for exclusions and coverages.

Red Flags – What To Look Out For

There are a few red flags that should give you pause when interviewing potential swimming pool builders. They are:

  • Length of time in business. As stated before, most contractors fail in their first five years with nearly 43% failing in their first three years.
  • Lack of references despite being in business for a long period of time. This could indicate unhappy clients.
  • Ask if your pool builder has ever done business under a different name. They could be trying to hide a poor reputation with a brand and name change.
  • No warranties. Having no warranties should be an automatic “no.”

Communication Is Key

Your swimming pool contractor may not be available immediately. After all, they should be outside building pools. However, you should receive a return phone call within a reasonable time and they should answer all your emails. You should feel comfortable calling your pool builder with any questions or concerns. And, you should receive regular project updates and be notified any time there are issues, budget overruns, or changes in the scope of work.

How To Hire A Reputable Utah Pool Builder

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