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As the winter season comes to a close, you may start to wonder how to open your swimming pool after winter’s harsh weather has taken its toll. Proper pool maintenance ensures a clean and safe swimming environment for you and your loved ones. Get your pool ready for summer with this step-by-step guide to opening a swimming pool after winter and tips from Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools.

Equipment and Supplies

Gather all the necessary equipment and supplies before opening your swimming pool in the spring. This includes a cover pump, skimmer net, and chemicals to balance the water chemistry. You’ll also need a testing kit, vacuum, and brush to clean the pool thoroughly.

Checklist for Pool Opening

  • Cover Pump
    Use a cover pump to remove any standing water from the pool cover.
  • Skimmer Net
    Clear away any debris, leaves, or twigs that may have collected in the pool.
  • Chemicals
    Test the water chemistry and add the necessary chemicals to balance pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.
  • Testing Kit
    Use a testing kit to check the water chemistry and adjust as needed.
  • Vacuum and Brush
    Vacuum and brush the pool walls and floor to remove any dirt or algae that may have accumulated over the winter.

Inspection of Pool Equipment

Inspect all pool equipment to ensure everything is in working order before opening a swimming pool after winter. Check for any signs of damage or wear and tear in the filters, pumps, and valves. Make sure to tighten loose fittings and replace worn-out o-rings or seals. Testing and calibrating the equipment will also help identify any potential issues you must address before opening a pool for the season.

Remove winter pool cover - How to open swimming pool after winter

Removing Your Winter Pool Cover

Clear debris on top of the cover to prevent it from falling into the pool. Once you clear the cover, carefully open it and clean it thoroughly before storing it away for the summer. Proper cover storage will ensure its longevity and effectiveness for future seasons.

Water Cleaning and Balancing

With the winter cover removed, cleaning and balancing the pool water is the next step to opening a swimming pool after winter.

Remove Debris

Efficient debris removal will help maintain a clean and inviting swimming environment when you open your pool for the season. Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools recommends using a pool net or skimmer to remove any leaves, insects, or other debris that may have fallen into the water.

Test pH, Alkalinity & Chlorine Levels

Next, test the water chemistry and make the necessary adjustments to open your pool for the season. Testing the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels will give you a better understanding of the current water condition. Using a testing kit, check the levels and adjust them accordingly, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ideal pH levels should be between 7.4 and 7.6, alkalinity between 80 and 120 ppm and chlorine levels between 1 and 3 ppm when opening your pool for the season.

Perform Shock Treatment

After balancing the water chemistry, consider performing a shock treatment to eliminate lingering bacteria or algae. Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools recommends using a chlorine-based shock treatment and ensuring proper circulation when opening a swimming pool after winter. This step will help maintain a healthy and clean pool environment for the start of the season.

Pool water testing and balancing - How to test pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels

Inspecting & Maintaining Your Pool Equipment

Inspecting and maintaining your pool equipment is essential to opening a swimming pool after winter. Start by checking for leaks in the pool structure and any signs of damage on filters or pumps when opening your pool for the season. Replace worn-out o-rings or seals to prevent leaks. Test and calibrate the equipment for optimal performance.

Filling and Circulating Water

After completing the necessary inspections and maintenance, fill up your pool and start circulating the water. Take care to fill the pool to the appropriate lever without overfilling. Turn on the pump and check for proper flow and filtration. The first time you open your swimming pool after the winter, run the pump for at least 24 hours to ensure adequate circulation and filtration.

Addressing Issues

You may encounter algae growth or cloudy water when first opening a swimming pool after winter. Shock treatment followed by regular brushing and vacuuming can help eliminate algae growth. You can resolve cloudy water by checking and adjusting water chemistry levels.

Pool Maintenance FAQ

At Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools, we have the answers to your frequently asked questions about pool care and opening a swimming pool after winter:

How do you raise the pH in a swimming pool?

Add a pH increaser or soda ash to raise the pH in a swimming pool. Follow the instructions on the product packaging to ensure proper dosage.

How long after shocking the pool can you swim?

Wait at least 24-48 hours after shocking the pool before swimming. This will allow the chlorine levels to return to a safe and comfortable range.

How do you lower alkalinity in a swimming pool?

Add muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate to lower alkalinity in a swimming pool. Follow the instructions on the product packaging for the correct dosage.

What causes swimming pool water to be cloudy?

Various factors, including improper water chemistry, inadequate filtration, or debris and organic matter, can cause cloudy pool water. Regular testing and maintenance will help prevent cloudy water.

What is cyanuric acid in swimming pools?

The chemical cyanuric acid, a stabilizer or conditioner, helps protect chlorine from degradation caused by sunlight exposure. It helps to maintain a consistent chlorine level in the pool water.

How to lower cyanuric acid in a swimming pool?

To lower cyanuric acid levels in a swimming pool, partially drain and refill the pool with fresh water. Get guidance from a professional to ensure the correct balance of chemicals.

Custom Swimming Pool & Patio in Salt Lake City, Utah, built by Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools

Final Touches

Consider adding accessories like poolside furniture and umbrellas or adjusting the lighting to create a comfortable and inviting space for relaxation and entertainment.

Before fully enjoying your revitalized pool, conduct a final water quality test to ensure your pool is safe and ready for use.

Closing Thoughts

At Stevenson Brothers Custom Pools, we emphasize the importance of regular pool maintenance for a clean and safe swimming environment. After taking all the proper steps to open your pool after winter, continue proper maintenance throughout the year.

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